Best Subwoofer of 2019 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Whether you are rolling down the street blasting your tunes or setting up the ideal home movie theater, you could just go with the basic setup. Or you could amp up that sound profile taking your audio experience to the next level. How do you do that?

One simple little speaker—a subwoofer—is the key. The subwoofer may be small, but it packs a punch when installed properly. In this guide, we will break down some of the best subwoofers of 2019 and give you some tips and techniques to ensure you get the right subwoofer for your needs.

Comparison Chart

Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer

Echo Sub – Powerful subwoofer for your Echo

Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW Powered Subwoofer

Best Best Subwoofer Reviews

Polk Audio PSW10

The folks over at Polk Audio have crafted a compact designed unit that offers a high-performance bass reaction. The small 12” design is perfect for someone looking to enhance their sound in a small apartment or even a compact car. Let’s look at why exactly this subwoofer made its way on a list of the best subwoofers of 2019.

Product Highlights

Looking to have minimal distortion with a wider range of bass? The 100W peak power usage of the Polk Audio PSW10 is perfect for you. With a specialized distortion analyzer, this subwoofer can enhance the motor structure and align the voice coil to its peak level of performance. So, no hum will be present at a high decibel and low range.  Some of the other awesome attributes to the subwoofer are:

  • Front-firing design gives the listener a perfect seat in the house no matter where they sit
  • 30- 200 Hz response
  • Removable port cover that is sleek and fashionable
  • Ports designed for great sound quality in small spaces
  • Easy sound blending with any speaker on the market
  • 50-watt built-in RMS amp
  • Integration with other audio system is effortless
  • Able to be combined with other subwoofers using the phase switch

The technical aspect of this powerful, compact subwoofer is amazing but what does all this boil down to. How about we look at the good and bad of this entry on our list of the best subwoofer of 2019?

What's to like about the Polk Audio PSW10

The integration capability of this subwoofer is by far the best thing about the unit not only with external audio systems but also with other subwoofers. The ability to build out your sound system to create a richer more robust well-blended sound means that you can be the talk of the town with the rest of your friends after they hear that sound—whether it's at your weekly movie night or that raging party you threw last weekend.

What's not to like about the Polk Audio PSW10

Even the best equipment has a peak performance threshold and the Pol Audio PSW-10 is no different. It has a low-frequency class threshold on the low end, and some have reported distortion occurring at high volumes. Though these few things can easily be fixed with the addition of supplemental hardware and the proper calibration of the unit at the beginning of the setup, some may think that this enough to discount the unit. On the contrary, these few negatives by no mean detract from the positives that this entry on the best subwoofers of 2019 offers you.


  • check
    Frequency response range
  • check
    Control of the input level
  • check
    Magnetic shielding


  • Low-frequency class
  • High volume distortion

 Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon is a household name and has continued to expand into new markets at a rapid pace. In the last few years, it has begun to leave its mark on the audio world with the introduction of the Amazon Echo. It was only time until they began to expand their audio profile by offering an enhancement to the speaker and that is exactly what they did with the Amazon Echo Sub. This wire-free mini-sub found its home on the list of the best subwoofers of 2019 for a lot of reasons.

Product Highlights

The 100-watt RMS power is comparable to other bigger and pricier models on the market and along with the high level of performance, the Amazon echo sub brings many features and benefits to your audio game. Here are a few of them:

  • Perfectly complements the Amazon Echo audio system
  • Down-firing design that creates a deep rich bass
  • When paired with the other Amazon audio pieces the sub offers a full room encompassing sound
  • Set-up and installation are easy and quick.

What's to like about the  Amazon Echo Sub

Compressed into this very tiny package the Amazon Echo Sub’s biggest selling point is the amount of volume you get from it. But that is not the only positive attribute that this compact subwoofer offers the user. The Amazon Echo sub also easily integrates with other Amazon Echo speakers with no problem.

What's not to like about the  Amazon Echo Sub

In fact, that also turns into a negative. The fact that it is not integrable with other brands of speakers means that you are limited and with the price of Amazon product it is an expensive purchase to not be as adaptable as some. Though the Amazon Echo Sub is not an adaptable piece of equipment for those that are devout Amazon customers, this should not be any reason to discount the efficiency or performance of this subwoofer.


  • check
    Enhances the bass of your Echo speaker setup
  • check
    Integrates well with speakers
  • check
    Compact design


  • Price
  • Compatible with only Echo speakers

 Yamaha 10” 100W Subwoofer

Yamaha is yet another big name that has spanned their company’s lifespan by reaching into different markets and utilizing their technological prowess to succeed in each. From cars to sound systems Yamaha has devoted themselves to creating long-lasting, budget-friendly products. The Yamaha 10” 100W subwoofer is just another example of this and has found its way onto the list of the best subwoofers of 2019 for that and so much more.

Product Highlights

The Yamaha 10” subwoofer is the perfect solution for your home theaters need especially if you are trying to maintain a tight budget. With this amazing budget-friendly entry you get some great qualities like:

  • Powerful sound
  • Port that emits clear and good quality bass that is designed in the twisted flare style
  • Superior Servo technology with Yamaha’s proprietary Active Servo Technology
  • Cone subwoofer with a measurement of 10”

So, what is the final verdict on the Yamaha 10” 100W?

What's to like about the  Yamaha 10” 100W Subwoofer

The biggest plus for the Yamaha 10” 100W is the low cost for the piece. For the minimal expenditure, you get a high quality, a high-performance subwoofer that enhances your home theater system to the next level. That is the primary reason this subwoofer finds itself on this list of the best subwoofers of 2019.

What's not to like about the  Yamaha 10” 100W Subwoofer

For the audiophile who is all about not only quality of sound but the cool factor, this subwoofer may not meet their expectations. The design is something less than attractive and though it does have the amazing sound quality it still is a little lacking in the power area as well as the bass response. Even with that, the price is perfect for someone who wants to have a rocking sound on a budget.


  • check
    Integrates well with speakers
  • check
  • check
    Great for home theaters


  • Underpowered with a slow bass response
  • Unattractive design

 Klipsch R-12SW

There is nothing like feeling the vibrations of a deep, tight, crisp bass, especially when watching that action-packed blockbuster. That is exactly how the Klipsch R-12SW was selected to be on this list of the best subwoofers of 2019. The versatility of this subwoofer is amazing, but what else does it offer?

Product Highlights

The Klipsch R-12SW is a state-of-the-art subwoofer that packs so much punch you will be amazed that you got all this for the money you shelled out. With the 400-watt digital amp and the IMG woofer your will think you have died and gone to audio heaven. Along with these fantastic attributes the sublime piece of audio equipment gifts its user the following features and benefits:

  • MDF cabinet that is fortified to ensure sonic precision and the retention of most vibrations
  • Bass levels adaptive to room dimensions with the low pass crossover and the control of phase
  • Compatible with most speakers and receivers designed for home use
  • Front-firing woofer with copper spun wiring
  • Stylish and lightweight durable design

What's to like about the  Klipsch R-12SW

The Klipsch R-12SW has so many great things about it that it is hard to choose just one. But the best thing about this piece of fine audio equipment is its high level of performance. From the adaptive bass level control to the fortified MDF cabinet this subwoofer was constructed to optimize your audio experience.

What's not to like about the  Klipsch R-12SW

Though it is almost professional-level equipment, it is not quite there and the worst thing about this subwoofer is just that. With such a high-quality performance, some would expect this to be good for any level of use, but they should hold off. This mighty subwoofer is only good for home theater or sound system use. With that being the only downside, unless you are trying to build your studio out you would be just fine with this amazing entry on our list of the best subwoofers of 2019.


  • check
    Designed stylishly
  • check
    Rich and robust bass
  • check
    Compatible with a wide selection of speakers
  • check
    High-quality sound


  • Professional use not suggested
  • Low levels not as low as some like

Acoustic Audio PSW-10

The last of entries on the best subwoofers of 2019 is from the team over at Acoustic Audio. The PSW-10 is a highly affordable, stylish and performance-driven subwoofer which is what the designers and engineers at Acoustic Audio strive to achieve. Here’s a deeper look at why the PSW-10 made it on the list.

Product Highlights

The PSW-10 offers the amateur audiophile the ability to seem like a professional. In fact, because of the Klippel tech used to measure the linearity, your home movie theater or stereo system will imbue a rich and precise sound to everything you push through your speakers. Along with that the PSW also offers its users all of this:

  • MDF cabinet with a non-resonant fortified design
  • High performance even at high volumes
  • 25Hz – 250Hz frequency response
  • Impedance of 8 ohm
  • Durable construction

What's to like about the Acoustic Audio PSW-10

The Acoustic Audio PSW-10 has a lot of great attributes. But the one that sticks out and will have the most impact on your decision to choose this as the perfect subwoofer for you is its enhanced sound delivery and price. Though by no means the cheapest subwoofer on the market for the price you pay and the performance you will get there is no questioning its place on the list of the best subwoofers of 2019.

What's not to like about the Acoustic Audio PSW-10

There are not many negatives to the Acoustic Audio PSW-10. Other than the fact it is not a piece of audio equipment that you should push to its limits. Doing that can lead to poor sound quality and muddled sounds. There have been some that reported muddy sound due to improper connections, but this is easily rectified by taking time when setting up the woofer. These few negatives should be considered but by no means be the deciding factor on whether this subwoofer is the perfect one for you.


  • check
    High level of performance
  • check
    Great design
  • check


  • Poor performance when pushed past its limits
  • Sound integrity relies on the proper connection


Now that we have looked at a few of the best subwoofer options of 2019, let’s talk about what you should be considering when looking over them. With any purchase, you want to get the perfect fit for your needs while getting the most bang for your buck, right? Here are five of the most important things to look at to ensure you do just that.


So, what do we mean by types? Well, this category can be broken down into two different considerations. First, the type of stereo you are planning to hook up the subwoofer to and second, the actual type of subwoofer you that will make every audio dream you have come true.

So, let’s talk about the importance of knowing what type of speakers you are hooking your mighty bass machine up. The size of your speaker and the specification that come with it will narrow down the field of compatible subwoofers.

Now for the other aspect of types the actual type of subwoofer. Again, this will be narrowed down by the specifications of the source you will be hooking up to but there is one other thing to think about when it comes to the type category.

The main delineation in the subwoofer world is passive or powered subwoofers. So, what is the difference? Well, passive use, and external amp and powered have their own internal amp.

The more common is the powered type but there are still some options out there for you if you want to go with the passive variety, they both viable amplification methods.


Size like type is a two-fold consideration process. There is the size of the space you have allocated for this audio delight project and then the actual size of the subwoofer itself. The room dimension is easy enough to understand; if you are dealing with a small space you will have to measure your space to make sure the sub will fit where you have allocated its space.

As for the size of the subwoofer, there are some nuances to the efficiency of how they carry sound. The bigger the speaker the more air that is moved which will make those bass notes robust and rich.

That sounds good but unfortunately, to get the full beauty of the bass this requires more room to allow the enhanced sound waves time to blossom. So, it all comes back to the room size.


RMS? What  is that? That is the fancy term for the continuous power rating of the subwoofer. This is how you will assess the max audio level achievable by the subwoofer you are looking at.

This is important because there are ways to suppress the audio levels but no safe way to enhance an underpowered sub without horrible consequences. So, making sure you start out with a subwoofer that exceeds your audio dreams is better than getting one that just meets them.


The sensitivity of a subwoofer plays a key part in the richness of your sound. The frequency creates the breadth of tones that are produced by the sub and therefore a more well-rounded sound.

Typically, the tones that the subwoofer oversees dwell in the low end of the audio spectrum and once the are enriched your movie or music experience will be that more entertaining. So, make sure that you look at the dynamic range of the subwoofer you are considering buying.


Impedance is directly responsible for how easy it is for your subwoofer and amplifier to play together well. The lower the impedance the easier it is for your amp to create those rich robust low range tones that you are looking to obtain. So, make sure you can either adjust this to meet your amps requirements or just get a subwoofer with the proper impedance.


So often when you set about looking to purchase a product you are unfamiliar with there are tons of questions that bounce around your brain. That mixed with the massive number of choices from the brand, to type to a power source can be overwhelming, so to hopefully help you out just a bit we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Here are just a few.

1. How to Install a Subwoofer

Subwoofers can be used to enhance your sound in your vehicle as well as your home theater, so we have broken down both options for you.

In a car

  1. Find a home for your subwoofer. You need to find an area in your car that gets good airflow to keep from overheating. A place where it is easy to get to be a great idea too.
  2. Make sure you have all the proper tools and accessories. Most subs do not come with a wiring kit, so make sure you have purchased the appropriate one for what you are doing.
  3. Disconnect the battery. This is purely for safety reasons obviously.

Here is a more in-depth video on this topic:

Home theater

  1. Plug in your subwoofer and ensure that the fuse is good.
  2. Connect your audio input cables into the appropriate ports.

The rest of the process has to do with the actual set-up. So, head down to the next question and see how you hook up all the wires and get to listening to some amp upped sounds.

Here is a video that may help you out:

2. How to Hook Up a Subwoofer

Installing and hooking up are two parts of the same process, so the videos above will help you with this as well, but let's run through the steps of hooking your subwoofer in both your car and your home theater.

In a car

  1. Run power cable from the battery to the subwoofer.
  2. Now you need to hook up your subwoofer to your stereo with the turn-on wire and RCA cables.
  3. Attach the ground wire to the chassis.
  4. Clean up all your wire connections to make sure to keep the wear and tear down.

In a home theater

  1. Take the RCA cable and connect them to the audio out ports of your subwoofer. Making sure to connect the right wire to the right speaker (right/left).
  2. Turn off the subwoofer and set the speakers to Large on your stereo/tuner menu.

3. How to Set Up a Subwoofer

If you follow the steps in the above questions the set up should go smoothly, but there may be a few models out there that have a whole bunch more to it than that so let's talk about a few of these.

Calibrating with the volume knob

Place the dial at the halfway point to ensure you are getting the best audio.

Label phase

This is about synching your speakers to get the most out of their joint sound collaboration. This can be time-consuming, so be patient and take your time.

These are just some of the things you need to do to set up your subwoofer.

4. How to Test a Subwoofer

You always want to test your subwoofer to ensure that it will work once completely hooked up. The simplest way to check the subwoofer is to play some music or audio of some sort. But if you want to ensure it works there are a few steps you can take before you have it completely installed. Here are the steps

  1. Plug it in and check lights
  2. Hook it up to audio
  3. Plug in audio inputs
  4. Tap the end of the audio outputs or play a song

5. How to Get More Bass Out of Your Subwoofer

Getting the most out of your subwoofer is important—after all you want that sweet bass you intended right? So here are a few things to ensure that you get more bass out of your subwoofer.

  • Ensure you purchase a high-quality subwoofer
  • You have the proper amount of room to let the sound bloom
  • Make sure you use the correct wiring connections
  • Take your time to properly tune it


Now that you have all the information you need to start the hunt for the best subwoofer in 2019 for you it will be easy now that you know that your every audio goal can be achieved.

Not only did we give you 5 of the best options for you we also broke down a few of the attributes you need to consider, and answered a few of the most common questions.

Now all that’s left is for you to get out there and find the perfect subwoofer for you, after all it is all about that bass, right?

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