Best Car Subwoofer of 2019 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Nothing beats being in the comfort of your car and hearing the acoustic details of your favorite music. From bass that packs a punch and increases your heartbeat, to well-rounded acoustics that are pleasurable to your ear and those of your passengers.

We've rounded up the best subwoofers to get if you want to spruce up the audio of your car. These best car subwoofer options range from budget-friendly, value for money and big spending on high quality—it all depends on what you're in the mood for.

Comparison Chart

Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watt 12″ Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Wire Kit

Kenwood KSCSW11 150-Watt Car Audio Compact Powered Subwoofer with Remote Control Bundle Combo With Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier / Woofer / Speaker Installation Kit

Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 10″ 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8

WLLDSE 12 inch 4500 Watt Peak Momentary Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer, Black

Best Best Car Subwoofer Reviews

Rockville RWS12CA Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Wire Kit

With this car subwoofer, you’ll enjoy the high-power, intense bass sound that will be powering through your speakers. This product uses a sleek yet durable subwoofer with impressive SPL levels that blow out a powerful sound. It also uses ground-breaking technology for optimal audio and a great design for durability and convenience.

The subwoofer also features an easy and quick-to-connect Molex input, which integrates into all OEM system using very little wiring and can operate with high input levels with ease. The terminals are angled and molded to make it easy for you to set up or remove the unit.

The amp has great features as well, having a 150mV – 5V input level (variable), a 24dB Low Pass Crossover Frequency between 50Hz-250Hz and a Speaker Level Input which boasts Auto Start Music Sense.

Some of the key features of the subwoofer include:

  • 1200 W peak power output of the subwoofer enclosure
  • Magnet Motor Structure with vents at the core
  • 100% copper RCA cable that is part of the amplifier wiring installation kit
  • A soft insulating jacket that is abrasion proof
  • It has 400 watts RMS built-in
  • RCA inputs (low level)
  • RJ11 Jack can be used as Dash Mounted Bass Remote

The wire kit is designed with top quality RCA cables that are 100% copper. The cables offer better resistance when transferring power to your amps—more than what other brands offer. Rockville doesn’t skimp when it comes to wire thickness, which is the standard wire gauge thickness for America. The brand is honest about its wire gauge thickness, which is a key differentiator from other brands.

A great feature of the amplifier is the soft insulating jacket that is abrasion proof, which makes it simple to route the cables through your vehicle’s interior because of the improved flexibility.

The rugged outer jacket made of PVC resists oil and grease stains, and it can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures ranging between -40 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The kit also features a 60 Amp AGU fuse that is gold plated to handle the DC power which the amp needs without the loss of current.  The kit comes along with ring terminals, wire ties, spades, butt connectors, and grommets. It also comes with power cables, remote cables, speaker wires, ground wires, and split tube looms.


  • check
    High-quality sound
  • check
    The small unit is convenient
  • check
    The outer design is aesthetically pleasing


  • 1 or 2-day waiting period for the wiring kit
  • No vents around the amp for heat to escape
  • Longevity could be shorter than expected

Kicker 11HSB Subwoofer

If your ultimate form of relaxation after a long day at work, or during a long drive out of town is hearing the intricate acoustic details of your favorite song without the high intensity of a strong bass, then the Kicker 11HSB subwoofer is the best car subwoofer for you.

It will give you a decent amount of bass without increasing your heartbeat with high-powered bass. The small and compact size of the unit makes it convenient for your vehicle as it doesn’t take up too much space.

The key features of the subwoofer are an ultra-compact powered subwoofer system designed for tight locations and an 8-inch internal subwoofer.

Other key features of this subwoofer include:

  • RMS power: 150 watts
  • Dimension: 13 7/8 x 9 3/8 x 3 1/8
  • 150-watt (RMS, 14.4v) power amplifier

It comes with all the necessary wiring, so you don’t need to purchase an amp kit. It’s small and compact enough to not take up any unnecessary space in your car.


  • check
    Creates well-rounded acoustics for your car’s audio
  • check
    Small and compact size of the unit is a space saver
  • check
    Great to use if you’re not an audiophile looking for a massive in-car sound system


  • Audio is not great if the subwoofer is placed in the trunk or the back of your vehicle
  • Longevity of the product is not great
  • Product defects are difficult to resolve

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Subwoofer

Kenwood products are generally great to use, so you’ll enjoy having the Kenwood KSC-SW11 subwoofer in your car. If you’re looking to enjoy well-rounded acoustics without the heaviness and intensity of a powerful bass, then this is the best car subwoofer to go for.

With the Kenwood KSC-SW11, you can go without the thumping, hard sound that comes with a blasting bass to enjoy the well-rounded acoustics of your favorite music. This product is also great for your budget as you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets to pay for quality sound.

The subwoofer has a built-in sub amplifier with 75 watts of RMS power (at 150 watts max) as well as wired remote for control of the volume level and variable low-pass crossover. It also features an aluminum enclosure with 8-1/4" x 5-1/8" Sub and a compact powered subwoofer.

The unit is small and compact in size, which means that you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your car. Installation is not at all difficult. You wire the subwoofer to your battery and ground it before connecting it to your head unit using RCA cables. A wiring kit is not included.


  • check
    Budget-friendly if you’re a price-sensitive customer
  • check
    Great for a well-rounded acoustic sound
  • check
    Easy to install


  • Lack of sub bass
  • Not the best sound quality compared to other subwoofers in this price range

Skar Audio VVX-10v3 Car Subwoofer

The developers of this subwoofer spent years researching and developing this product to give you the best sound experience. The groundwork has paid off as the subwoofer packs a punch by producing the most accurate of bass sounds.

A great differentiator from other subwoofers is that you’re able to hear the low notes in all types of music. It produces a sound that’s clear, sharp and precise, which is great if you’re an audiophile who’s particular about hearing all the different sounds of a song. It’s small and compact in size, meaning a great space saver for your vehicle.

The Skar Audio VVX - 10v3 features RMS power of 600 Watts and peak power of 1200 watts. It has a Dual 4 Ohm voice coil configuration as well as a 2.5" high-temperature copper voice coil.

Other features of the subwoofer include:

  • Competition grade pressed paper cone
  • High roll foam surround
  • Frequency response: 40 - 450 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 85.4 dB
  • Fs: 35.2 Hz

This subwoofer will need a subwoofer enclosure, which is best if you place it at the back of your vehicle to hear the precise notes and sounds of your music. This product works well with bridging the gap between wanting quality sound that doesn’t overpower the eardrums of your passengers with an intense and high-power bass.


  • check
    Value for money
  • check
    Great sound output
  • check
    Small and compact in size for space saving in your vehicle


  • Doesn’t have an enclosure

WLLDSE 12 inch car subwoofer

Sometimes you need a quick replacement for a subwoofer or a temporary measure to boost your vehicle’s sound system. If this is the solution you’re looking for, then the WLLDSE 12 inch car subwoofer will serve the purpose well. It has a maximum power of 3000 Watts as well as a dual 2 ohm.

The dust cover is great for preventing dust and debris from entering the magnetic gap, which can wreak havoc on the preciseness of sound. The subwoofer’s peak momentary power output is at 4500 watts, and RMS power is at 1500 watts.

Other key features of this product include:

  • Qms: 3.10
  • Qes: 0.30
  • Qts: 0.27
  • Linear cone excursion:+/- 10mm/0.39”


  • check
    Value for money
  • check
    Great subwoofer to go for if you’re looking for a temporary measure


  • Longevity is short
  • Requires an amp to boost the sound
  • Not inclusive of a full range of sounds


These are the best car subwoofer options to go for if you’re looking to add a boost or some acoustic flair to your vehicle’s audio system.

The best subwoofer for you will depend on your specific requirement, and these subwoofers fit a range of needs - from wanting to hear a wide range of sounds in your music to full on high-power bass. 

Our favorite is the Rockville RWS12CA Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Wire Kit. This is mainly due to its high-quality sound, it's smaller, convenient size that boasts an outer design that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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